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EZY Foot Pedal Sanitizer Dispenser Double Arm - Floor

  • ₹ 3,500.00
  • HSN: 8424
  • Brand: Mtandt
  • Product Code: MFPS-FDA
  • Availability: In Stock

Technical Specifications:

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Type: Manual

Capacity: 500ml Bottle

Weight: 3.5kg



Ÿ     Hands Free Dispensing: No cross contamination

Ÿ     Robust: sturdy design allows for daily use

Ÿ     Flexibility: foot pedal can be placed anywhere

Ÿ     Non- Corrosive

Ÿ     Light weight, easy to transport


            Ezy™ Foot Pedal Sanitizer Dispenser by Mtandt allows one to disinfect their hands without touching the             dispenser.Accessed by foot, this dispenser doesn't cross-contaminate and effectively sanitizes       

 Rs. 500*   Optional Signage Board for Double Arm Dispenser    

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